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Office Lottery Pools

Take Your Lottery Pool Online

PowerBall Est. Jackpot: $1.9 Billion








$415 Million Mega Millions








$40 Million Powerball








All the Fun without the Work!

Rip up the photocopies and automate your office lottery pool online for free.

Group Play is a fun and popular way to play the lottery!

Playing as a group is the only way to increase your chances to win without increasing your budget.

So grab your friends, family, co-workers, teammates and start your lottery pool.

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OLP Cyber Monday Fun!

Free Mega Millions Shared Numbers

Free Cyber Monday Numbers! Enter this shared ticket into your Mega Millions pool for a free chance at a share of the Mega Million $132 Million Jackpot.

How to play this ticket: 

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. Create an account or Login
  3. Create a Club with a Mega Millions pool
  4. Enter the numbers exactly as shown
  5. Verify your numbers. Valid Shared Tickets are gold, not orange
  6. Cross your fingers and wait for a notification
  7. Have Fun!

For more information and rules visit our Shared Promo Tickets support page

OLP Key Features

Reduce the overhead of organizing your lottery pool to virtually zero.

No More Photocopies

There is no need to make photocopies of all the tickets. Everyone can see the tickets online at any time. All tickets are safely locked in before the lottery drawing.

Manage Players

It is the same pool of friends or co-workers you have now, just automated! Relax! Office Lottery Pools will automatically manage which players are participating in each drawing.


Locked Tickets

Ticket entry is restricted to before the lottery drawing. All tickets become locked.  This helps resolve all disputes involving player pool participation.

Automated Notifications

Pool members are automatically notified about lottery pool activity. Each member can decide if they want to participate.

Manage Multiple Pools

It is easy to manage multiple lottery pools. For example, most groups include at least Powerball,  Mega Millions and one state lottery.

No App Required

You can use your phone but there is nothing to download. No Apps to install. New features added all the time. You’re always up to date.

OLP Testimonials

Thanks to everyone for the rapid growth of our beta system.

Office Lottery Pools is amazingly easier and more fun that what we did before. I love not having to make copies of the tickets. Now everyone in the office wants to play, even my boss.


Miami, Florida

Everyone in my office loves the system and it’s free! Why waste your time and paper on creating a pool when Office Lottery Pools can do it for you!


Dallas, Texas

It is more fun! I invited my whole family to join my pool. I love the automated notifications. When I am notified that someone else is playing I jump in with my ticket. Then most of the family follows.


Houston, Texas

It is easy and fast. We love it! Our office plays lots of tickets. Some of us play more than others. Everyone knows who is active, the numbers, and the results without me doing anything. Truly autopilot! Love it!


San Diego, California

OLP Automation

Player Notifications

No need to chase down players. Office Lottery Pools automatically keeps every member of the lottery pool updated with the latest pool activity. Each player can decide when to play.


Ticket Checking

Instantly all tickets will be verified and reported to all active members of the lottery pool shortly after the lottery drawing.

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No credit cards. No Spam. No Gimmicks. Your Tickets. Your Pool. We just automate it!

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