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All-In-One Platform

Reduce the overhead of organizing your lottery pool to virtually zero

No More Photocopies

There is no need to make photocopies of all the tickets. Everyone can see the tickets online at any time. All tickets are safely locked in before the lottery drawing.

Manage Players

It is the same pool of friends or co-workers you have now, just automated! Relax! Office Lottery Pools will automatically manage which players are participating in each drawing.

Locked Tickets

Ticket entry is restricted to before the lottery drawing. All tickets become locked. This helps resolve all disputes involving player pool participation.

Automated Notifications

Pool members are automatically notified about lottery pool activity. Each member can decide if they want to participate.

Manage Multiple Pools

It is easy to manage multiple lottery pools. For example, most groups include at least Powerball, Mega Millions and one state lottery.

No App Required

You can use your phone but there is nothing to download. No Apps to install. New features added all the time. You’re always up to date.


We have thousands of winners each week

"I was hesitant to join our office lottery pool because of the hassle of managing it, but with Office Lottery Pools, it's a breeze. It distributes the effort evenly, and we can all decide when to participate. Plus, the ability to lock tickets ensures that everyone's participation is accounted for. Highly recommend it!"

Johnny O

"As someone who plays in multiple lottery pools, Office Lottery Pools has been a game-changer. I can manage all my pools in one place and easily keep track of tickets and winnings. It's free, user-friendly, and the real-time updates are a great feature. Couldn't be happier with it!"

Angie A
New York

"I love using Office Lottery Pools to manage our friend's lottery pool. It's so simple to use, and the fact that it's free is a huge plus. We can all participate on our own schedule, and the platform takes care of the logistics. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to start a lottery pool with friends or family."


"Office Lottery Pools is the perfect solution for managing a lottery pool with friends or family. It's user-friendly, and the fact that there's no need for an app or constant reminders is a huge plus. It takes care of all the logistics, so we can focus on playing and having fun. Highly recommend it!"


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